Why I started my own Luxury Travel Organization?

Because I am just passionate about travelling! After having worked for so many years outside of travel industry I started my own Luxury Travel Organization, Jasmine Travel & Events in 2015. It was the start of a very beautiful travel adventure. My only goal is to inspire travellers and make them happy with the amazing journeys I create.

Since I like to be creative I was thinking. How can I combine the things I really like to do. Which are obviouly travelling and writing. But also after every trip I made I noticed I have so many nice pictures I want to share with the world. So I thought let’s create an inspiring travel blog.

What can you expect from me?

  • Sharing Travel stories from my personal travel experiences
  • Hotel features from hotels I have been visiting or where I stayed
  • Nice experiences I have tested

But next to that I also want to offer a platform to the partners we work with. To share their life’s work and passion for tourism with you.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me jasminetravelstories@gmail.com

Be ready to get inspired by Jasmine Travel Stories


Luxury Travel Ambassador
Writer @ Jasmine Travel Stories
Owner & Founder of Jasmine Travel & Events, a Luxury Travel Organization

Send all your travel enquiries to:

Discover our travel concepts at www.jasminetravel-events.be

Published by Jasmine Travel Stories

My name is Subhadra. I am the owner and founder of Jasmine Travel & Events, a luxury travel organization located in Belgium. Because I like to share my travel inspiration with you. I started this blog of Jasmine Travel Stories. Happy Reading! Subhadra Owner & Founder of Jasmine Travel & Events Luxury Travel Blogger at Jasmine Travel Stories Contact me at info@jasminetravel-events.be jasminetravelstories@gmail.com

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