Travel in times of a pandemic

No doubt that the travel industry has been highly impacted by the pandemic that we are currently experiencing. Obviously, it was very difficult to travel since many countries had placed a travel ban while fighting the pandemic.

But instead of talking about travel restrictions I would rather call them safety measures. Because without them, we might not be able to travel at all.

Despite the fact we see that countries are lifting the tight safety measures we see that it still limits travel to do what to love to do: travelling across the globe.

From connected to the world to disconnected

To me personally it did feel as we got disconnected from the world. Obviously as running my own travel organization. I am used to travel often outside of Europe. Maybe we didn’t realize how much freedom we had to travel the world before the pandemic.

To me it became a habit. Something I got so used to and took it for granted. And suddenly that wasn’t possible anymore from one day to another. I saw so many trips for the ongoing year cancelled. Like many travellers across the world.

And not being able to travel made me realize how much I missed travelling!

How does it feel to travel during a pandemic?

And as the world is slowly reopening for travellers and countries are easing the safety measures to allow safe travel. I planned a business trip to Dubai. And it was a great opportunity to see how things are going if you wish to travel these days.

In the meantime in Belgium it is quite easy to have a PCR test done in a facility by your choice. The only limit there was, is that you only know a few days before you can travel.

But results came in very quick. And I was all set to go. Once arrived in the airport I had to present quite some documents as requested by the government. Digital versions are not always accepted. So you better take the printed version

Empty airports, few passengers

While the airport is during high season for travellers always a very crowded place. These days you will hardly meet people at Brussels Airport. I have never seen the airport so empty before. And I do often travel through that airport.

Only a few check-in counters were open. But the limited number of travellers seemed to get lost in the huge building the departure hall at Brussels Airport is. So no crowded feeling at all. Even the tax free shops seemed to be deserted. It was almost like a ghost place.

It was only when I approached the gate that there were some travellers waiting to board the plane. Keeping their distance and wearing a mask. And of course the many open seats already showed that only a limited number of passengers were travelling on the same flights as I did.

Welcome to Dubai

I have already been a few times to Dubai. So I already knew what to expect. But of course travelling during a pandemic was also new to me.

Arrival procedures in Dubai were very smooth as always. Also passport and luggage pick-up were all very quick. And in no time I was sitting in the taxi on my way to my hotel.

In my next posts I will be sharing of course my experiences from my trip to Dubai.

Flying back to Belgium

While returning from Dubai check-in process was very quick. Checking once again if all the requested papers were there before you board the plane. But best if you check it yourself before departure since rules are changing from time to time. And this might also be changing during your stay. Lucky much information is available.

Once I arrived at Brussels airport I had to have another test at the test centre of Brussels Airport before quarantine. But it was very easy to register with my mobile phone and then take the test. I think it only took like 15 minutes. And the result (negative test) was delivered in my mailbox very by the evening.

How travel looks during a pandemic

The positive signs are there. After more than 14 (!) months of safety measures, pandemic news and travellers not allowed to explore the world. It seems that countries are slowly finding again their breath. Borders are reopening, safety measures are (partially) lifted and travellers are allowed to revisit (some) countries across the globe.

2021, a year of transformation for the travel industry

I do believe that travel in 2021 will restart slowly but at least now we will be able to see some progress while the past year there was no progress to be seen at all.

I didn’t have the feeling that travelling was unsafe. Although I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was well organized, both in Belgium as in Dubai.

I am most happy to be able this positive experience. And seeing the number of requests we are getting. It’s clear that travellers are eagerly waiting to go and travel.

We might have to be a little bit more patient, but no doubt that the future for travellers looks very bright.


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