The Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate hotel will take you on a journey

The Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate hotel? Maybe you never heard about it but I am happy I can share my personal experience at this very nice 5* hotel in Dubai.

Sometimes things happen to be a wonderful stroke of luck. I had planned to stay in another hotel and if my plans get changed while I am on holiday, of course I get irritated by it. Who wouldn’t? Just before we were heading from our incredible stay in the Maldives to the bustling city of Dubai we got a message that the hotel I had booked in Dubai would close the swimming pool due to maintenance reasons during our stay.

And believe me, if there is something you don’t want during your stay in Dubai in summer is a hotel with a closed swimming pool. Especially if you just have been spending a week in the tropical islands of the Maldives. Therefore I decided to change our booking to the Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel. And it appeared to be a great choice. So sometimes something better is coming on our path without us even noticing.

Choose your hotel in Dubai based on its location

I assume it is not easy to have an idea about Dubai when you have never been there. So Dubai doesn’t have one city centre. It just has an amazing number of awesome locations. Some examples are Dubai downtown, the Dubai Marina, The Palm islands, Festival City and many existing and there are still new areas coming up. And we have chosen the area where the Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate hotel is located. 

The Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is located a little bit further away from the above mentioned centres. But the hotel is then closer located to visit the Expo 2021 Dubai. As we had also planned some activities near Jebel Ali it was a logical choice to choose a hotel in this area. However the area is still under development but that will for sure change in the coming years. 

Connectivity to the other areas in Dubai are not an issue. Since you have a metro station in just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. And if you need one, taking a taxi in Dubai is very easy and price friendly. Even if you need to get to the other side of the city. 

The Oaks Ibn Batutta Gate hotel

You will hardly ever see me staying in a hotel without a swimming pool. You can already guess that at the Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate the hotel has a magnificent swimming pool on the rooftop. And you get the amazing view of the city of Dubai for free. 

The hotel has a large pool which is of course an advantage if you want to spend some of your free time here. And if you have enough of the swimming pool, the gym or the spa, the hotel also offers a shuttle service to the Riva Beach Club where you can relax. So you will have quite some options.

The nice rooms have of course all facilities as you would expect from a 5* hotel and they are decorated with a nice Oriental touch. We were lucky enough to stay in a suite, so space was not an issue at all. The spacious sofa in the living room was my favourite spot while I was reading my book.

The hotel offers a very nice breakfast with a wide choice. And during our stay we even tested the laundry service. Since we were on holiday for 17 days we wanted to save on the luggage and then we preferred to use the laundry service at the hotel. All the clothes were returned impeccably.

And the nice thing is you have a few dining options in the hotel as well as outside the hotel. So even if you plan to stay a few nights you won’t get bored at all.

Shop till you drop at the Ibn Battuta Mall

You will be able to visit many attractions within a short distance. We travelled across Dubai from here and that was so easy. I just think that if you have a fixed appointment sometimes you just must calculate some time to reach there in time because of the traffic. But that applies to anywhere, where you are staying of course. 

And last but not least. You might have noticed that Dubai has quite a few shopping malls. And of course we all like to stroll along the shops or even fill up our luggage with souvenirs or other items we can’t miss. But before you get too wrapped up with shopping, it’s best to check out your baggage allowance before you travel back home of course. 

Anyway, the Ibn Battuta Mall is a unique type of mall with different themes. So they have Indian, Chinese, Tunesian, Persian and other themed courts. It means that the decoration of the mall is made in these themes. Next to the shops you will also find plenty of restaurants across the mall and some entertainment options like cinemas and bowling. No time to get bored!

If you stay at the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel

To me it is clear if you choose to stay at the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel you will have an excellent value for your money and the staff will pamper you during your stay.

So what are you waiting for to plan your next trip to Dubai?


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