Atlantis the Palm, where a fun stay is guaranteed

Definitely you should consider Atlantis the Palm when you are looking for a nice place to stay with your family. And I am most happy to tell you why.

So we ended our amazing journey all the way from the Maldives to the magnificent city of Dubai. And yes during summer the temperatures can be high. But if you know that many hotels have temperature-controlled swimming pools, you will most definitely understand that even the warm outside temperatures will not hold you back from enjoying your free time by the pool.

And when you stay at the Atlantis the Palm you have an amazing view. On the one side you have the skyline of Dubai which is of course iconic. But on the other side you have an endless view on the Arabian Gulf. 

The Palm, what an amazing location 

Of course Dubai has a few iconic places and locations. But one location you can’t miss is definitely the Palm Island. It has Dubai’s signature all over it. And while in the past few years this location was mostly limited to hotels and residences. 

These days you can also find a shopping mall. And there is also the Pointe. A very nice bustling area. With some restaurants with of course an amazing view on the Atlantis the Palm hotel. But you can also watch the fountain show in the evening.

And of course there is also the monorail which offers you scenic views from the beginning of the Palm till you arrive at the Atlantis the Palm hotel. Recently a new attraction opened on The Palm Island which is the View at The Palm.  Offering a splendid view at the skyline of Dubai from its 240-meter-high observation deck.

What to expect from your stay at Atlantis The Palm

Of course if you decide to stay at Atlantis The Palm, you will have expectations like you have about any other holiday. But of course I believe that Atlantis the Palm has many extras to add up to the experience.

The best thing is that the rooms are very spacious. We had a nice family suite with a balcony overlooking the swimming pool. But also the incredible spacious bathroom and dressing are an extra if you stay with one family in the same room. Since sometimes you might experience some space issues. But definitely not at Atlantis The Palm.

We went for dinner at the buffet restaurant. Which you can say is massive. Plenty of choice but small portions so everyone gets fresh food. From the starters to the dessert. I don’t know how long you need to stay at Atlantis the Palm to have a taste of all of this amazing food, but believe me a few nights is not covering all of it.

Next to that we had a very nice experience at the Italian Restaurant Ronda where our son got the chance to celebrate his 10th birthday. For him it was an amazing experience. But then again who would not enjoy a birthday celebration for your birthday in Dubai. Makes me wonder when I will get the chance to celebrate my birthday in Dubai?

The Lost Chambers at Atlantis The Palm

I have to say that every time we pass by the massive aquarium in Atlantis The Palm you want to pause and watch the underwater life in the aquarium. And you can just keep on watching it every time. The view you get here is just awesome, but also it brings you peace just watching it. No wonder our children loved the experience.

While you are at Atlantis the Palm, you also should go inside of the Lost Chambers to discover the underwater world and get a glimpse of the magnificent sea life you can spot and discover here.


And then of course there is the 5* deluxe waterpark. I don’t even know if you can rate a waterparc, but I can’t call it something else. It is just in one word incredible.

To be honest I don’t know how many days you will need to try all of those amazing thrilling slides during your stay at Atlantis The Palm, but at least count enough time.

But since our family happens to be a family in favour of water. Needless to say how all of us enjoyed the thrilling experiences at Aquaventure. Some of us liked the more thrilling experiences. But hey that is ok. And the best thing is there is plenty to do for all.

The waterpark is really huge. And offers some exciting experiences for all. The waterpark has over 79 slides. So do use the buggy if you want to get from one side of the park to the other. It will save you time and you will have more free time to spend on some other thrilling experiences, if you still can keep up with them, that is. 

As you can read in my blog, one thing is for sure when staying at Atlantis The Palm, you won’t have time to get bored for a second.

I only felt we had too little time to experience the maximum of what the hotel has to offer. I think you need at least a minimum stay of 4 to 5 nights to get a good idea of the hotel. I always feel sad if you can’t explore all while you stay here.

But then again is there a better excuse to go back again?


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