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Of course I have many travel topics I can write about, but sometimes I just like writing about my thoughts. About my business, ongoing projects and the evolution of the industry. It also shows that we as an expert in our destinations are not just sitting on our own island.

I truly have a passion for tourism and with my company I have chosen 100% destinations I have a great connection with, destinations where I feel at home. Next to that I have chosen themes I feel myself comfortable with. Often after I designed a travel journey, I think to myself, wow this looks great.

I feel that these days when you have a company, authenticity is very important. Be true to yourself. Be just you. That is so honest and no one can copy you on that part.

Strong revival of tourism or not?

So what about the restart of tourism? I don’t know if we can really talk about a strong revival. I see of course quite some requests coming our way. But the revival of tourism is not as strong as once would expect.

But maybe it has to do with a various number of reasons. Of course the high season for my favourite destinations: India, Maldives and Sri Lanka are in general from October till March. So we are not there yet.

Also the fact that the travel restrictions have only been lifted from March for the far away destinations, far after most families have already made up their mind for this years holiday might have influenced their decisions.

Different way of booking

In general for the far away destinations we have in our offer, bookings in the past were made sometimes 7 till 8 months in advance even almost 1 year in advance. The recent development shows that a lot can happen in a year.

So we can definitely see that we are in a time of transition where travellers wait a long time to decide before actually finalizing their travel plans. As no one is sure about the future and no one wants to be stuck like they were during the pandemic.

Of course this makes those countries who have a visa procedure which needs to be applied before instead of a visa on arrival or travelling with a passport they lack the advantage to the destinations who work in this way.

Have the travel trends changed?

As the prices have gone up seriously for flight tickets. There is for sure something to say about looking for more quality. Once you paid the price for the ticket. A stay of a few days longer will not increase your price that much.

But to book your flight ticket for 3or 4 holidays will of course mean, that these days you will need a totally different budget. So the travellers of today will certainly be looking for more quality. So longer travel journeys are higher on the list.

The business traveller 2.0

Next to that we also see that business travellers are modifying their travel plans. While before it was not an exception to travel to the other side of the world for only a few days. Those business travellers are now looking for combinations.

While they are there for a business purpose they can as well add a few days of leisure to their trip. The price of the airline ticket remains the same, but the experience is different. And we all have to agree, that travelling on a plane for like 12 to 14 hours for just a few days requires an effort.

One remark that is often heard from business travellers is that besides the office or the luxury hotel, the didn’t get a lot to see from the country itself. And of course that is a missed opportunity. As we at Jasmine Travel believe that it is just very much needed when you do business across the world you get in touch with the local culture of the country you are visiting.

What is the new normal?

That of course is difficult to stay. Will this situation remain? I feel that customers need to get back confidence when planning their travel journeys. This is of course an important task for the governments.

The travel industry needs a sustainable approach. Because of course there is this fear that you might get stuck on the other side of the world. That is something none of is waiting for.

We feel that the hesitation is there and unless this is taken away, last-minute booking, even for far away destinations will keep on going. Today even more than before, the traveller expects flexibility. And this applies to all concerned parties in tourism industry.

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My name is Subhadra. I am the owner and founder of Jasmine Travel & Events, a luxury travel organization located in Belgium. Because I like to share my travel inspiration with you. I started this blog of Jasmine Travel Stories. Happy Reading! Subhadra Owner & Founder of Jasmine Travel & Events Luxury Travel Blogger at Jasmine Travel Stories Contact me at

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