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Welcome Luxury Traveller to my Luxury Travel Blog

My name is Subhadra Van Loo. I am the owner and founder of Jasmine Travel & Events, luxury travel organization organization located in Belgium. We offer 100% tailor made trips to our favourite destinations India, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Oman.

So, you probally already guessed. I love to travel. But I also love to write, take pictures during the amazing trips we make. And of course I love to inspire people.

I truly believe that travelling makes people happy. Travel industry is obvious one of the most important industries worldwide.

My goal is of course to inspire you with my travel journeys. But it’s also an opportunity to support all of my partners I work with in this beautiful travel industry.

So feel free to start dreaming by scrolling down on my website www.jasminetravel-events.be or get inspired by my travel stories on my blog

Happy Reading!

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