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Saii Lagoon, a unique hotel in the Maldives

Previous Next Saii Lagoon is a hotel we recommend if you are in search for something different for your next holiday to the Maldives. I can imagine when you think of the Maldives you have this image of luxury resorts, bounty beaches and blue waters, overwater villas and private butlers. And of course you will […]

Stay at Ozen life Maadhoo, a paradise on earth

Previous Next Of course Ozen Life Maadhoo is just one of the paradise resorts you will find in the beautiful Maldives. And to be honest the first time I went to the Maldives, which was in 2018, I thought it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Needless to say that I was most […]

My dream job in Dubai

Caesar's Palace Dubai

Previous Next My dream job in Dubai My dream job in Dubai? I definitely found it. Every time I get to visit and stay at the most amazing luxury hotels there are to be found in this amazing metropolis. Who could not agree that this is my dream job in Dubai. Dubai, that city in […]

Flying business class with Emirates

Previous Next When you fly in business class with Emirates it is in one word just an amazing upgrade to your incredible travel experience. Especially if you are traveling long distance. As I travel often to Asia, Emirates is one of my preferred partners to travel with. Because they have such an extended network which […]

My experience at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

Ritz-Carlton JBR Dubai

Previous Next Since I stayed at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, it is a great way to start my reviews of hotels in one of my favorite cities in the world, Dubai. The hotel is really loved by so many and now I know why. Therefore I am happy to share my experiences with you. I do […]

My favourite hotels in Dubai

Previous Next My favourite hotels in Dubai My favourite hotels in Dubai? It’s absolutely a very difficult thing to make a list  of my favorite hotels in Dubai. On today’s date. Dubai already has more than 700 hotels and counting. I created my own list of favorite hotels. These are hotels which I have already […]

A Luxury holiday in the Maldives

Ozen Life Maadhoo Maldives

Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here Previous Next Imagine, you are sitting on a secluded beach, staring at the sunset. You try to listen, but you hear no sound except for the waves of the ocean. While you are just enjoying the endless views over the ocean. Where no eye can notice any distinction between the […]