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I can only say that it was a happy reunion. It took a little longer than I had planned to return to Dubai. But I was very happy that I could go back again to spend a bit of time in this vibrant city.

And as always, my stay did not disappoint me. I think cities are always moving anyway, but the speed at which things are moving forward in Dubai, yes, many cities can only dream of it. It is a city with a clear vision and an action plan. And you just notice that in every vain of the dynamic energy you find is this metropole.

Exploring new hotels

I have travelled to Dubai several times in recent years and I plan to continue to do so. Dubai now has more than 800 hotels. Of course, not all of them are to be found in my portfolio. I have made a selection for myself of the top hotels with which we collaborate.

Of course, that does not alter the fact that I think it is important to visit new hotels, but also to keep in touch with the hoteliers we often work with. While I was there, it was the ideal time to also discuss some reservations for our travellers, let’s face it, how cool is that? Without a doubt that Dubai is the city of dreams!

Atlantis, The Royal

I have always had a clear vision of the direction I want to take my company too. And given the fact that I have specialized more and more in the luxury segment in recent years, a visit to the new iconic hotel on the Palm, namely Atlantis the Royal, could not be missed.

Of course, I now understand better where the enthusiasm about this great new iconic hotel at a fantastic location comes from. We had to wait a while for the opening, but in my opinion it was more than worth the wait. The goal was to design a hotel like nothing ever done before. And of course Dubai, the city of dreams, is the most suitable place for that.

There is no presentation that can beat the experience in real life in tourism. And no matter when you are talking about hotels, restaurants or excursions. In travel, knowledge comes from our own experiences.

What to do in Dubai

Dubai, you hate it or you love it. It is often said. For me it is of course the latter. But of course people wonder what you are always doing there. For me, one thing is certain. You don’t have time to get bored in Dubai.

After all these years, Dubai is still “the place to be”. For people who love hospitality & service, who love great culinary experiences and want to stay in hotels that amaze you from head to toes. If you choose that type of trip and the type of hotel that suits you, Dubai will certainly without a doubt transcend expectations.

Museum of the Future

My days in Dubai were seriously full! But a highlight that I visited was the Museum of the Future. Not just a museum to visit, but one to experience and join in the activities. No wonder tickets are on high demand for this museum.  

It is clear that Dubai has an eye on the future. No one can predict exactly what it will look like. But it is fascinating to see that people are thinking about it and that it does not stop at abstract ideas but ideas really come to life in the Museum of the future. Really something that suits Dubai, the city of dreams.

Abu Dhabi with its hidden secrets

Let’s be honest, Dubai is of course immensely famous, while Abu Dhabi is a lot less so. And that is completely unjustified. Without a doubt, this city also has many strong assets to not only pamper travellers, but even here you can find a lot of nice activities to fill your days with.

For me personally, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was really a must see. Not only are the collections that you can admire there particularly attractive, the building is also an architectural gem so a visit while be pleasant for many.

During my visit, I noticed that Abu Dhabi is also growing enormously with new museums, hotels and so on. But even if you are looking for a relaxing resort holiday, Abu Dahbi has plenty of options in store for your.

Of course, I am more than happy to share my experiences with you and give you my advice when you have travel plans to the UAE.

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