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To me the Bulgari Resort Dubai should be on your list of hotels you want to stay at least once when you travel to Dubai. Honestly what’s not to like about the Bulgari Resort in Dubai. I can’t think of any reason.

And I must admit I am a huge fan of this resort. And if you choose to stay here. I do think you allow yourself to experience the sophisticated luxury experiences that the Bulgari has as its signature.

The location of the Bulgari Resort Dubai

The location of the hotel itself is already unique. The hotel is located on Jumeira Bay, an island with a connection to the coast of Dubai and with its own marina.

But the best thing is the view you have from here. It is just endless and splendid and beautiful. And having a view in Dubai, that is luxury. From the other side you also have a very nice view at the skyline of Dubai when the weather is clear. That sounds like the best of both worlds, doesn’t it?

Staying at the Bulgari Resort Dubai

Actually the hotel has only 101 rooms and there are of course different room types. You will have an amazing view of the surroundings. The rooms are very spacious as is the balcony, from where you will be able to spend some relaxing moments during your stay.

Of course you also have the private villas which have their own private pool and a direct access to the beach as well. So you can choose the privacy of your own villa or spend some time by the beach or combine. Choose as you please.

And if you might be thirsty when you are at the beach? No need to worry about that because you will have your private butler to serve you.

What to expect from your stay at the Bulgari Resort Dubai

Are there a lot of luxury hotels in Dubai? Yes, of course. And as they all have their own identity, their own signature, so does the Bulgari Resort Dubai. I like to call it sophisticated luxury. If you choose to stay here you allow yourself to immerse yourself in luxury. And since we are all living a busy life, why don’t we allow ourselves a little bit more of those well-deserved treats?

Of course if you need some time to relax. You can take a good book with you and read or spend some time in your private pool in your villa or by the beach.

But nothing better to become relaxed when you spend your day at the spa. And honestly the spa at the Bulgari Resort Dubai is amazing. With a space of more than 1700 m2 with a hammam, indoor swimming pool and treatment rooms you will have plenty of options to relax.

Authentic Italian food with that extra touch

And of course the food served at the Bulgari Resort Dubai is mouth watering. Your taste buds will be pampered at Bulgari Resort Dubai. It is nice to hear that there is so much attention to serve the refined authentic Italian cuisine in the hotel. It definitely adds up to the experience. 

Don’t miss out on the yacht club as well while you are there. And for sure you will spend some time walking through the boutiques with jewellery, clothes or chocolates. All with the signature of the brand Bulgari. As you can see, you don’t even have to leave the hotel to have an amazing experience, but you can of course.

We already love the Bulgari Resort Dubai. So the question is not if you will love your stay at this hotel, the question is only when?

Subhadra at Bvlgari Dubai


Luxury Travel Designer @ Jasmine Travel & Events

Luxury Travel Writer @ Jasmine Travel Stories

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