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My dream job in Dubai

My dream job in Dubai? I definitely found it. Every time I get to visit and stay at the most amazing luxury hotels there are to be found in this amazing metropolis. Who could not agree that this is my dream job in Dubai.

Dubai, that city in the world where you will find and abundance of luxury hotels. If there is one city on earth where you won’t run out of inspiration to stay in a luxury hotels, then it is definitely in Dubai.

In the meantime Dubai already has more than 700 hotels and counting. And the best part is, and that is of course my opinion. When you look for luxury hotels in Dubai. You can’t compare these hotels with each other. Each hotel has its own character, charm and specific atmosphere.

So even if you want to try another style or type or hotel, you won’t get disappointed by the amazing offer you will find in Dubai. I do believe that if you are a lover of luxury hotels in Dubai you are good to find some inspiration for the coming decades.

My visits to these luxury hotels in Dubai

For my trip in April to Dubai I got a huge list of hotels I wanted to visit. Of course I also stayed in some of the hotels I visited. I really like visiting hotels, since it gives me a good idea on the atmosphere and what to expect.

And it helps me to find a match when our travelers are looking for inspiration when planning their holiday.

Sharing my pictures from my visit to luxury hotels in Dubai

When I create offers for my customers it is always good to use my own pictures. I happen to love taking pictures. And in the meantime this habit became a great help to share my inspiration with all of our travellers. Now, I can share not only my personal travel experiences but also my love for travel photography. For sure my dream job in Dubai.

The Address Beach Resort

I have already been to a few other hotels of The Address group. But this hotel has only recently opened its doors. I already had seen some inspiring videos and pictures. But nothing can beat the real life experience.

When staying at The Address Beach Resort, you should go for the rooms with beach view. Since you will get some amazing views on the area with the Arabian Gulf, Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina.

Personally I think it is a very nice area. Close to the hotel, you have a pedestrian bridge that connects the Dubai Marina with Bluewaters Island where you also find Ain Dubai. It gives you a great opportunity to go for a stroll during the day or in the evening when you feel it is too warm and enjoy the beautiful views by night.

The best view of the area you will get by the world’s highest infinity pool, which is located on the 77 th floor of the resort. You will also find very nice cabanas here where you and your companion can enjoy spending your free time at the best possible place of the hotel.

The interior of the hotel is very modern and also the concept of serving food, was innovative and most important just delicious. I absolutely love my dream job in Dubai.

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

I heard that this hotel was about to open its doors. And actually I only found out last minute that I was able to visit this hotel. So I was lucky enough to visit the hotel on its opening day. This hotel is located in Business Bay. It means that if you must go on the road in Dubai, location wise it has great connection to the main roads around Dubai.

hen you enter the hotel you will just see the café and a very impressive entrance hall. Then you go directly to the elevators to access the sky lobby which is located on the 71 st floor. I do believe it is an amazing way to access the hotel, since the view during check-in is just in one word, stunning. What a way to make an entrance.

The hotel has its own spa, which is called Ciel Spa and is located at the 69 th floor. You will experience some more amazing views from here. Just as when you stay by the infinity pools on the 75 th floor with an incredible 360-degree view on Dubai. Get ready to catch that glimpse on the Burj Khalifa as well as on the Dubai Creek.

At Fi’lia, the Italian restaurant at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences they just have an awesome terrace with an incredible view over the city. One of the restaurants you should try during your stay in Dubai. And definitely a hotspot in Dubai.

The Address Skyview

For sure the Address hotels have amazing hotels at different incredible locations in the city of Dubai. One of the new hotspots that was on my list to visit what The Address Skyview hotel.

With its two towers, the construction of the hotel itself is already iconic. Located close to the Dubai Mall, it is the right place to stay if you love shopping or want to be close to a bustling and vibrant area. But no doubt you will be able to relax in style and enjoy the breath-taking infinity pool and enjoy some awesome sunsets from here. Or you can just watch the impressive Dubai skylines.

In this area you will also find a sun-lounging deck and private cabanas. If you like an instagrammable place, then you should go to Cé La Vi, this restaurant does not only serve contemporary Asian food but also an awesome view with the Burj Khalifa on the background.

Taj Dubai

I had already stayed and visited at numerous Taj hotels in India. So I was actually curious to visit the Taj hotel in Dubai. I already heard that they have an awesome nice Indian restaurant.

This hotel is situated in Business Bay and is close to the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and the Dubai fountain. Of course it depends on what your travel purpose is, but taxis are easy to take in Dubai. From the hotel you can easily reach the Dubai Mall by shuttle bus.

The hotel is a combination of the rich Indian heritage completely in the tradition of the Taj hotels combining elements from the destination itself, Dubai.

I find the rooms to be designed in a very nice modern style but with a touch of India. For those who like a luxurious spa experience, you can always address the Jiva Spa, which is the Taj own brand of spa.

During my visit I had the pleasure to experience the nice restaurant Bombay Brasserie. To me they serve very tasty and delicious authentic Indian cuisine. What more can I add to this amazing visit? This is my dream job in Dubai.

The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel

You know, Dubai has so many areas. That you can’t say that there is only one centre. For those who like to go for treatments and relaxation, I know location is not the main criteria.

This wellness resort is the first in the Middle East focusing on wellness and well-being experience. I think it is an excellent choice if you want to work on your health. And if you want you can also go for a nice shopping and sightseeing experience.

The approach of the resort is to focus on wellness and personal transformation of body, mind and soul. Since balance in all areas of our life create happiness. Imagine you start your day with an awesome view on the Arabian Gulf with the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah.

The overall approach from the hotel goes from organic products to healthy products. At the hotel’s wellness centre, Rayya you get to book a tailor-made rejuvenating retreat. Just choose from the wide range of treatments the hotel has to offer.

Anantara Dubai

The Oberoi Dubai is a hotel suitable for international business travellers. The hotel is situated in downtown Dubai and offers amazing views on the Burj Khalifa. You are just a few footsteps away from the Dubai Mall and Dubai Financial Centre. Mixing free time and business will be so easy during your stay here.

I really liked the style of the decoration in the rooms, which got a recent update. The rooms are very modern and have a nice size for a city hotel. And even if you want to relax after a busy working day. The spa or the swimming pool awaits you for some relaxation.

The hotel offers a wide range of restaurants serving different cuisines. From Japanese to Western cuisines. And the hotel also has a very nice Indian restaurant serving authentic tastes of India. So I was in need to taste their Indian dishes.

I think the hotel is a nice place to stay for those who are on a city trip or on a business trip. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the facilities in the hotel and you can go and explore the amazing bustling city that Dubai is. Great combination.

Caesar’s Palace Dubai

To me for those looking for a real resort experience, Caesars Palace Dubai is an awesome hotel to stay. The hotel is located on Bluewater Island. You can access the hotel by road. But for those who love to take a walk, you can use the pedestrian bridge to get from Bluewater Island to the Dubai Marina area.

But even when staying on the Bluewaters Island you will have various opportunities to spend your time. From shops to restaurants. Next to that you get direct access to the Ain Dubai, the World’s largest observation wheel located on Bluewaters Island.

The hotel has two parts with the Palace Tower and the Julius Tower. No doubt you will not get bored in this hotel. You can choose from over more than 12 very nice dining options like the Gordon Ramsay’s world-famous Hell’s Kitchen. There is a kids and teens club if you travel with your family. You will even find a nice fitness center and a 500-meter private beach with amazing swimming pools in the resort. Plenty of things to do for all members of your family.

The team at Qua Spa is ready to let you enjoy an extraordinary rejuvenation experience with a holistic approach. Combining Japanese technologies with luxurious spa treatments to spoil body, mind and soul. Who says staycations at a resort should be boring?

One & Only Royal Mirage

I must say, I had already visited other hotels from the One & Only group. And of course most of the chain hotels have their own identity and style. But I like it when properties also have an own identity. When you visit other properties from a group. It will feel like coming home, yet with a slight difference.

But let me first tell you this. The resort is just amazing. It has this nice Arabian interior style and atmosphere. When you walk along the pathways through the lush gardens, you will just notice that space is luxury. You don’t get the feeling that the hotel is too crowded.

The hotel is situated in an area of 65 acres, plenty of space I would say. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. The Arabian style of the hotel makes you feel you are staying in a palace from 1001-nights.

The hotel has 8 restaurants offering world-class cuisines while you can enjoy some splendid views. The hotel has its own private beach which is an extra if you want to stay in a secluded area. And for those who wish to explore Dubai, Aquaventure and the Mall of the Emirates are close by. But even the Dubai Mall is only at a 30 minutes’ drive from the hotel as well as the Burj Khalifa.

Indigo Hotel Dubai

This is another recently opened hotel. I really liked this place. This modern style boutique hotel has many things to offer. Location wise it is excellent for those who want to explore Dubai and its surroundings, since it has a quick connection to the main roads.

The hotel has a very personal approach. For instance the person doing the check-in will also guide you to your room. And you notice that the staff talk to the guests, call them by their name. Making them feel at home. This kind of approach always makes a difference.

I really loved the food here as well. The breakfast buffet has an overload of healthy juices, fruit salads and more delicacies. What a better way to start your healthy day? Of course fresh made hot dishes are also available. Also if you opt for dining in the restaurant at the hotel you can just eat à la carte and the hotel has a nice outdoor space where you can enjoy your dinner.

For those who want to work on their health, you will find the fitness centre, swimming pool or yoga studio a nice area to spend your free time. There were even some art classes going on when I stayed there.

I think this hotel has a very nice modern concept and I actually really liked it.

The Palace  Downtown

This hotel was already on my visit-to-do list for some time. But until now I didn’t have the opportunity to do so. The hotel is also part of the Address Hotels but I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly the location is fabulous and according to its style it is very different from other Address Hotels.

Not only is the hotel located just across the Dubai Mall which has a direct access through the pedestrian bridge. The hotel also has a very nice view on the majestic Burj Khalifa and is close to the Bahar Souk. Many options for those who want to go out in the evening or explore just another part of the vibrant city centre.

When you are dining in one of the specialty restaurants you can just sit by the water and enjoy the shades of blue. And in the evening you will have a mesmerizing view on the Dubai fountain. the place to be in the evening.

The hotel looks like a traditional Arabian palace with style. I also liked the interior decoration. But even if you wish to stay in the hotel. There are plenty of things to do. Go for some relaxation in the spa or just threat yourself with some me-time in the Oriental bathhouse. Work on your health with a personal trainer or just relax by the pool. Even the hotel has its own business centre. Mixing work with pleasure has never been that much fun. 

No doubt it’s the best job in the world and I have just found my dream job in Dubai.

Subhadra in Dubai


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