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When you fly in business class with Emirates it is in one word just an amazing upgrade to your incredible travel experience. Especially if you are traveling long distance. As I travel often to Asia, Emirates is one of my preferred partners to travel with. Because they have such an extended network which makes it easy to combine various destination in just one ticket. I like the efficiency of that.

A few years back I felt I was traveling more by plane than by train. And as a travel professional I do feel it is important to invest in the traveling experiences I offer to our travelers as well. Therefore I do travel with different airline companies. At least it gives me the insight on the services each of them are offering. And I must admit that even the economy class & services which are offered by Emirates are always much appreciated by all of our travellers.  

My first business class experience

It was already Easter holiday and after more then 1 year without travel I planned my first business trip to Dubai. I was sincerely happy that I got the opportunity to experience to fly business class with Emirates for the first time. Since I believe in opportunities, this was one for me not to miss.

But that day the weather was not what you would expect it to be April. So shortly before take-off it started snowing. But keeping the sunny weather in Dubai in mind, at that time the temperature at the destination was about 35 degrees, I would not let the situation touch my mood. And lucky after a short de-icing procedure the plane was ready for departure. 

We create a balance between price and added value

What I have learned from working in travel industry is that of course we can always discuss the price that needs to be paid to obtain a certain service. And like in buying with many goods all depends what you’re the value is that you give to a certain product. Furthermore this will determine if you will be willing to pay the price for the offered service or not.

Of course you cannot only look at the price of a service on its own. It is mandatory to check if there is a balance between the offered services and the requested price. And after having this experience to fly in business class with Emirates I am convinced that you get value for your money. And I do believe this is something we all want when spending it. If you had a good feeling with it, it won’t feel as expensive. But if the experience was not good you will have the feeling that it wasn’t worth the price. As a travel professional I am always looking for the quality services.

What to expect when you upgrade your flight to flying in Business Class with Emirates

I do believe when you choose to fly in Business Class with Emirates is that you expect comfort and excellent service. And these are two values which you will find on board of your flight. Already the food in economy class is of very good quality and an excellent level with a lot of attention to many different food requests and needs. But obvious when you compare it with the business class you notice it is a next level and even more refined.

Next to that Emirates serves in its business class an awesome brand of champagne. A nice glass of champagne on a special occasion is of course permitted. I am already a huge fan of the brand of Veuve Clicquot for a very long time. I visited their wine cellar in Reims a few years back. Not only is it an awesome and interesting property to visit. The brand was also founded by a woman with a great mind and vision. If you want to read more about her and the brand feel free to check it out https://www.veuveclicquot.com/en-int

What I personally liked off flying business class with Emirates

It all starts with the chauffeur drive when you get a driver taking you to the airport from your home. Let the experience begin!

Okay when you fly business class with Emirates you have an awesome tv to watch in all tranquility your preferred movie. In the meantime I made it a habit to watch at least one time that one specific movie when flying with Emirates.

And yes that armchair that you can stretch is just awesome. It almost feels like you are at home watching relaxed a movie. And no doubt you will get pampered by the staff. Who will come to meet your demands in any possible way. Well apricated was that when you must get up from your seat you don’t need to harass any of your neighboring passengers. I just loved that feeling of freedom!

Pick-up of the luggage on arrival is insanely quick, not even 15 minutes after landing I was already in the car on my way to the hotel. Of course check-in for business class passengers is even quicker on departure than when you travel in economy class from the Emirates Terminal in Dubai. Which was to my previous experiences already quite smooth and efficiently organized.

Missing a part of the experience at Brussels Airport

But I was kind of disappointed and of course I want to share this experience as well.

Having a ticket in Business Class allows you to use the fast lane at Brussels Airport and have a quick security check. This is a paid service. But when I presented my ticket in business class at the security check I was not allowed to use the fast lane.

After my return back home I did check with Brussels Airport what went wrong but till today I didn’t receive any feedback, which I do regret. From a customer point of view, there is nothing as disappointing if you don’t get what you have paid for.

An overall incredible experience to flying business class with Emirates

Having shared my experience, to me traveling in a comfortable way is the aim for all travelers who fly with Emirates. And those who travel business class get a very nice upgrade.

So if you are planning to fly in business class with Emirates for your future travel plans. I do hope you will like the experience as much as I did. Traveling by plane will never feel the same again.

And honestly? I Can’t wait for my next business class travel experience.

Subhadra Van Loo

Luxury Travel Designer @ Jasmine Travel & Events

Luxury Travel Writer @ Jasmine Travel Stories

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