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Follow your intuition. This might sound weird. But I am an entrepreneur 100% pure sang. And always felt like as an entrepreneur you have this business mindset. Thinking logically and taking strong decisions based on facts not on emotions.

Well, I was wrong about that. Because some of my business decisions were very much based on my emotions. And needless to say they weren’t always the best I have taken. But I do believe we always make choices based on the situation we are in at the moment. In the end life is always a process of learning. As long as we learn we allow ourselves to evolve.

Follow your intuition

But then I have this strong intuition. For many years I ignored this inner compass. And yet It intrigued me at the same time. What if I would follow my intuition? Would I let myself guide through it? Or is this just being irresponsible. Would my life change a lot or would it go the wrong way? I often noticed I had a “feeling” about something. And when things went the other side. I had this feeling of “aargh” why did I not follow my intuition, why did I not trust my gut? I just knew it. And then of course I was frustrated of ignoring what I actually felt.

A few years back I started reading some books about mindset. You will find plenty of inspiring books on this topic. I found it very interesting but strange at the same time. How our thinking influences our life. But also how we can change our life by changing our thinking. It all seemed to be so easy, so simple.

It’s definitely not the way I looked at life. But I was thinking, what is there to lose? And to be honest I can’t say how much my life has changed in only a few years. I trust my intuition more in combination with my common sense. But I do notice it helps me to prevent from getting frustrated. So follow your intuition. 

I have a strong connection with Kerala

My connection with India has always been there. That is also one of the reasons I started my own travel organization. India was the very first destination I began to work with in my company. And although I haven’t been living in India for so many years. Underneath there has always been this strong connection with this amazing country.

And yes going to Kerala makes me feel at home. But I also feel that home is not only about being in a destination. Feeling at home is also how you feel when you are there. I assume you can feel at home wherever you are in the world. As long is this place is significant enough for you. It will make you feel at home.

Needless to say that not being able to travel to India in more than 2 years (!) was really tough. I went from being in India like 4 times a year, sometimes like 3 months to 0 months, 0 days, 0 hours. I was such a challenge. But I do realize now how privileged I am to be able to travel to India.

With all of this pandemic situation so many things weren’t possible anymore. And to be honest a lot of things, I didn’t really miss them. And once life gets so limited, you start realizing what you actually like. You notice what you actually value. What you really find important in life. And for me that is travelling.

So now I feel it’s time to go back, home. Finally. It’s an amazing feeling. When you truly become aware of what is creating happiness in your life. You can focus on that.

And isn’t happiness the one thing we are all looking for in life? Just follow your intuition.



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