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The excitement of traveling

As the first rays of sun, shining through my  window and reflecting on my laptops screen. I could no longer deny it. The  first feelings of spring have arrived. And it makes me wonder and think about  all those new travel plans I have in my head.

And yes of course, I know that officially it is  not yet spring season. But the feeling of spring, announces a new chapter. And  for me that is all about making new travel plans. So why should I wait any  longer? Exactly, time to share a new story.

The excitement of traveling

No doubt, that if you are in love with  travelling, you know exactly what I am talking about. It might be that you  haven’t been able to travel much in the past few years. But I guarantee you,  the feeling was never gone. Once a traveller, always a traveller.

See, as a travel professional I have the  pleasure to travel often. To be honest it feels more like a privilege. I became  more aware again during the pandemic. I do remember that on of my trips I met a guy  in India. Who said “Subhadra, you have already seen more from our country, then  I will ever do ”. And even this talk has been like more than 15 years ago, I  still remember it. But it also shows that we should not take travel for  granted.

Back to planning your next trip

Travel is a journey. It’s not just about the holiday  itself. But it is also the pleasure of preparing your journey meticulously. Some customers already plan their trip 11 months ahead. You might feel that the countdown will be long, but when the wait is so long. The reward will feel 100 times better That is part of the excitement of travelling.

And that happiness already starts when I have a  talk with the travelers sitting in front of me. And telling them about my personal travel journeys to one of my favorite destinations. I want you to become  as enthusiastic about this trip you are going to make, as I am. And seeing that  happen, well that gives me a smile as well.

When you are passionate about what you do, that  can be contagious. But the thing I like about my job is that I can be so  creative. As I often get special requests from customers. The out-of-the-box thinking  adds up to my work and to the experiences of our travellers. Never a boring  moment when you work in tourism.

When you start the countdown

So when all arrangements have been made, then  you can really start the countdown. I have to admit that I was traveling so  often, that it became a habit. I would rather take a plane to some exotic destinations  then I travel by train to a close by destination.

I felt like I almost forgot how it was to feel excited  to prepare for my travel journey. But not anymore. And to be honest. I do get excited  again. To travel. To discover. To explore. The world. I can feel the excitement  of traveling again.

So maybe this timing is ideal. As spring is  arriving. This is a season to get rid of the old and get started with something  new.

My adventure is waiting, but when will you plan  your next journey? Feel the excitement of travelling?



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