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Christmas at the Peninsula Paris

See, I can understand how you think about Paris as a romantic city. And during the Christmas time, when the streets are illuminated the atmosphere is even more inspiring. The French are well known for their famous patisserie and delicious Michelin star quality restaurants. But also strolling along the shopping streets will give you a luxurious feeling as the shopping windows are decorated with a great sense of creativity. And add on the charming local cafes where you can sip from your coffee. So whether you have a love for fashion, for food or for cultural heritage. For sure you will leave Paris with a great feeling.

Christmas at the Peninsula Paris

As a travel professional I get to travel a lot. I visit many countries and cities and get opportunities to visit mind-blowing luxury hotels. I had already visited the Peninsula Paris a few years ago and a new experience in this incredible hotel was already on my travel-to-do list for some time.

I am lucky enough to be able to travel to Paris quite often. For me Paris is only like 2 hour journey by high speed train. So during the past years I have been traveling quite often to Paris, probably over more than 20 times.

The advantage in this is that I don’t travel anymore as a tourist, who rushes from one side of the city to another. To check the monuments on my travel-to-do list and to be too tired in the evening to enjoy a stroll along the city.

Travel as a local

The great advantage is that these days I get to travel as local. It means sightseeing but with limits. It means going for nice experiences and taking time to really enjoy the city. Not taking the public transport to quickly get from one place to another but going on foot and discovering the small cozy streets.

Just exploring and enjoying a stroll through one of the many vibrant quartiers Paris has. We were lucky enough that the weather was quite nice. I do understand that walking through heavy rain showers is not always the most fun to do. But I would think it has some charm as well.

Afternoon tea at the Peninsula Paris

As I work a lot with hoteliers in the Middle-East and Asia where hospitality is not just an expensive word, the image Europe has it that there is not enough attention for hospitality. And as I do travel often in Europe I have to agree that in some hotels from which you expect at least a certain level of quality I have been rather disappointed after my visit by the level of “hospitality” one can experience.

But having been at the Peninsula Paris, I can only say that we had a very warm welcome. I think the hotel has a very luxurious scenery. But yet the staff is very friendly and charming. I do think when it comes to hospitality in Paris, this hotel proves that this hotel has a great sense for hospitality and they are certainly emphasizing on the unique experience for their guest. So yes hospitality in Europe it does exist. And this hotel is leading by example.

Teenager friendly experience

In the meantime we have 2 teenagers who are used to traveling with us and to stay in exquisite luxury hotels. So of course they wanted to join us for some great afternoon tea experience at the Peninsula. They have their own way of rating the hotels where we stay and visit.

And as they are globetrotters from a young age. They can already compare. Remarkable they both have a very good memory and they can still say in which hotel in which destination which dish was the best. Or where the butler was the most child or should I say teenager friendly.

Lucky enough they always do taste the food they get served, yet we don’t like to thrown things away. So my 2 cuties got a tailor made afternoon tea experience with a delicious moelleux. They still speak about the amazing Madagascar vanilla along with some other luxurious delicacies. And yes the moelleux at the Peninsula Paris got rated as the best they ever tasted. I couldn’t agree more.

Afternoon tea at the Lobby at Christmas time

To be honest one should only want to go to the Peninsula Paris just to experience the Christmas atmosphere. I had already seen pictures on social media but one never knows if the real life experience will be honoring what you see online.

But I can say at the Peninsula Paris what you is a what you get. And that happens to be the way I like things. I think when we present experiences to our guests it’s more important to be authentic rather than to show anything else from the real life experience which will disappoint your guests.

Of course the hotel is decorated with great attention to the details. And for someone who loves the Christmas atmosphere. I must say you get that instant Christmas feeling while you get served one of the best hot chocolates I have ever tasted.

Getting your taste buds pampered

And how can you not love sipping of one glass of tasteful Champagne under the Christmas tree. The afternoon tea offers you of course a tray with various canapes created with a great dedication accompanied by some patisseries. Your taste buds will be pampered here. That’s for sure.

I would say that the decoration at the reception area is most amazing. With the monumental staircase giving the hotel a very impressive yet luxurious and stylish look. Embracing the Christmas trees gives the hotel reception a fairy tale. What a way to make an entrance in one of Paris high-end luxury hotels.

For sure we had a great time at the Peninsula Paris. The afternoon tea experience is definitely one thing to do when you go to Paris. Even when you are not staying in this hotel. It gives you a great experience to feel the atmosphere in this iconic hotel.

And I have no doubt that this experience will taste for more.


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