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Ayurveda hotels in Kerala

So with my name “Subhadra” meaning “source of well-being” I was already thinking for some time to introduce a few well-being concepts to our offer. But to be honest I had already heard a lot about Ayurveda and read some articles about Ayurveda.

But until now I didn’t have the chance to experience Ayurveda treatments myself or gain more knowledge about it on the spot. I was actually planning for some time to go to Kerala. Explore and get to know more about some of the most popular hotels for Ayurveda there. But due to the pandemic my trip got postponed, again and again.

Discovering Ayurveda hotels in Kerala

But finally in March 2022. The moment had arrived and off I was to Kerala. Since I had almost 2.5 weeks to travel and explore. I got the opportunity to visit quite a lot of some of the most magnificent properties to practice Ayurveda in Kerala.

For me as a travel professional I gained a lot of knowledge and insights. Because every hotel has it’s own specialty or approach. Some hotels are located by the beach and others you can find in the mountains. 

Go for an Ayurveda treatment to Kerala in summer

Did you know that one of the best moments to go for an Ayurveda treatment is in August and September? Because these months are a cooler time of the year in Kerala. Which signifies an excellent time to take your body to rest and to create mental clarity in your mind and focus.

Of course if you really want to benefit from a profound treatment which results in effects choose for a treatment for 3 weeks. I know that a lot of people aren’t always in the possibility to make this much time to follow an intensive course. But when it comes to taking of our health there shouldn’t be any restrictions?

Choose your perfect match for your treatment in Kerala

As I always I feel there is no such thing as a “wrong hotel” but of course all depends on your wishes. And that’s why I think it’s so, so important. To go and visit hotels myself. To experience the treatments on the spot. Because then I can advise you for your Ayurvedic treatment based on my own experiences.

As I had quite a lot of days to spend in Kerala. I got the opportunity to visit and stay at a wide range of different types of hotels. Of course there are many more to discover than the once I visited. But keep in mind that some hotels ask for a minimum stay of 1 to 2 weeks. If you want to experience a Panchakarma treatment you should count a minimum of 3 weeks.

Solo travel for your retreat

So I am not sure if you have ever tried solo travel? I do it regularly because I have to for my work. But I can recommend it to all. It is a great opportunity to detach from daily life. But It will also bring your mind to rest.

No doubt you will get insights into your future plans or next steps if you are thinking about life. But also a great opportunity if you just to spend time alone. No distractions. No overthinking. In these hectic times we are living in, this alone is such a luxury.

So as per Ayurvedic treatments. Most of the hotels prefer you are coming alone. Then you can be fully focused on you and your treatments. I am not saying that being alone can be a challenge. Actually for me it was quite a challenge. Just doing nothing. But I can guarantee you, It will definitely add up to the overall experience.

Niraamaya Kovalam

 To be honest, hotels by the beach are always my favourite. Those are the ones where you will find me the most for sure. But Niraamaya Kovalam has an amazing view. It just looks like a postcard. And Kovalam happens to have one of the most beautiful golden beaches in Kerala.

When you walk from the reception down to the restaurant you will be mesmerized by the view. The hotel is located in a very beautiful area amidst an abundance of coconut trees. And just walk through the area gives you a feeling of relaxation.

If you want you can walk all the way by the beach. The sea was quite rough so not really safe to swim but going for a walk along the shores is of course a possibility. There are quite some stairs to take. The restaurant overlooks the ocean and the swimming pool.

I tested a few of the treatments at Niraamaya Kovalam and the experience was great. The treatment rooms are an open area which of course gives you the opportunity to become one with the environment.

Ayursoma, Ayurvedic Hospital

So Somatheeram located on the Malabar beach in Kerala has several properties. I have visited a few of them. But my personal favorite was Ayursoma, Ayurvedic Hospital. All of the properties are located close to each other.

But why I prefer Ayursoma is mostly with how this Ayurvedic Hospital is set up. The rooms are very beautifully decorated and the setup is really nice. This part is built quite recently while it honors the cultural heritage of Kerala.

Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa, Kovalam

I have been staying at a few Taj hotels before. But honestly I was really surprised in a positive way during my visit to Taj Green Cove Kovalam. To me it is clear that pictures can’t show the atmosphere and energy when you actually visit a hotel.

Needless to say that Taj Green Cove Kovalam has enough space to spend your days during your stay. So where to start? The hotel itself has a coastline of about 1 kilometer. In the evening you can grab a chair, sit back and relax while watching the sunset. Honestly? Can it get any better than this?

The hotel has its own lagoon ideal for those who want to go for a walk or jogging, or even you can just go for a lagoon boat ride. Or enjoy having food at the seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean.

The villas are in one word awesome. Even when you travel with a family you can book 2 rooms in one building. So you stay close to each other. There are villas with a private pool which will of course add up to your experience. But sure you will enjoy the scenic views at the infinity pool as well.

The hotel has its signature Jiva spa where you can experience wellness experiences as well as holistic experiences. And should you wish to explore the surrounding in Kovalam you can even go for some diving and snorkeling experiences. Or go and have a visit in Trivandrum.

Coconut Lagoon , CGH Earth

I had already visited Coconut Lagoon a few decades ago. And till today I still remembered arriving by boat in the lobby. It is definitely one of the most memorable arrivals I ever experienced in India till today.

The hotel is amidst water and offers you amazing, beautiful views. I really enjoyed my stay here. Sure you can go for a walk here enjoy the complimentary sunset cruise the hotel offers. Or get to know the world of Ayurveda. If you are not going for a retreat, I would recommend staying at least 2 days since it will give you the opportunity to go and explore all of the property before you say goodbye.

Kalari Kovilakom

When it comes to authentic ayurvedic treatments you are in the right place in Kalari Kovilakom. Since it is an Ayurveda treatment center and hospital. I can say that well-being is central here. You will find yourself staying at an oasis if tranquillity.

The focus is on the treatment, so no distractions allowed. Like when food is served the focus is only on having the food and enjoying it. When staying here you can have the Panchakarma treatment if you choose to stay a minimum of 3 weeks. A doctor is available 24/7.

The hotel produces its own medicines which was quite interesting to see. The hospital offers various treatments from a detox to stress management and weight management. The right place for those who are looking for authentic Ayurveda treatments.

Perumbayil Ayurvedamana Guruvayur

So I went for my own Ayurveda treatment at Perumbayil Ayurvedamana. An authentic Ayurveda hospital located in a secluded area in the middle of nowhere. It was actually my first Ayurvedic experience, but it was already for some time on my planning.

So the property is not that large but the advantage is that the approach is very personalized. There were only few guests during my stay so there was plenty of space to spend time. You can choose from a wide range of treatments.

The hotel offers only ayurvedic food and diet will be set up as per your needs. So once you have a meeting with the doctor you get a schedule for your stay where your treatments will be planned. Lunch and dinner time are also at a fixed moment.

So I did have a lot of free time moments which was kind of new to me. So I spend a lot of time sitting on my balcony and just enjoying the beautiful view weather it was at sunrise or at sunset. Just taking the time to calm your mind and reflect on life or getting inspired. That’s the new luxury.

Nattika Beach Resort

For those who are looking for a beautiful retreat located by the beach, Nattika beach is an excellent choice. I visited this hotel during my trip in Kerala and as for the Ayurveda retreats, this would definitely be one of my favourites. But then again I am a woman of the ocean.

The bungalows are located in a beautiful environment with a lush green garden, well maintained and with many floral accents. If you have some free time during your treatments you can choose to read a great book by the swimming pool, relax by the beach. Or just go for a nice walk. The beach is very large and gets cleaned every day and that you will notice for sure.

Food served here is vegetarian. The open restaurant offers a beautiful view on the beach. Also from the yoga hall you will have an amazing view. You will get instant inspiration.

The treatment center, Swastha is just across the street. To benefit more from your treatment a period of 14 days is suggested. The focus is on healing the body, mind and soul through a personalized and tailor-made treatment programme.

Prakriti Shakti

If I had to rate the Ayurveda centers and hotels I have visited based on their location, Prakriti Shakti would definitely be in my top 3. Located in the lush green hills of Panchalimedu, you will get a special holistic healing experience. And the stunning view you get here for free.

This clinic offers naturopathy treatments. I had a very nice talk here with the doctor of the resort. Sharing thoughts and insights on well-being and how the live a healthy lifestyle. I think it is an eye opener to all of us.

Because naturopathy has a different approach than what you find in Ayurveda. Like the food that is served at the clinic is only raw food. Very interesting to see how it is prepared. Treatment programs start from 7 days minimum and the focus will be on diabetes, hypertension, weight management, obesity and stress induced disorders.

The treatments are combined with a personalized diet and of course yoga sessions. The focus is not only to find the cause of your health problems but also to work preventive towards the future.

Kumarakom Lake Resort

My next stop was at Kumarakom Lake Resort. This luxury resort is built in the traditional Kerala Style. From the moment you enter the lobby you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view. The hotel is just surrounded by water which gives the hotel a beautiful and calm touch.

So the hotel is located by the Vembanad Lake. The infinity views you get for free. You can certainly choose to spend some time by the infinity pool overlooking the Vembanad Lake. Going for a pottery experience. Explore the water on a sunset cruise or just enjoy a relaxing massage.

Dine at the seafood restaurant or grab a tea with some local snacks. The options are numerous and the location is superb. This is definitely one of the best luxury hotels in Kerala located in a magical place. My personal advice after having seen this hotel? Go for the pool villa if you choose to stay here.

Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

This is another beautiful and exclusive Ayurveda and wellness Resort located in Mararikulam. The advantage is that the transfer time from Kochi airport is limited. So after a short transfer you can indulge yourself in the wonderful world of Ayurveda.

I think this hotel is a great choice for those who want to experience Ayurveda treatments at Aryavaidyasala, go for meditation session and yoga sessions and this in an atmosphere of luxury. The resort offers authentic Ayurveda treatments.

So even if you want to take some time to relax or read a good back, you don’t even have to leave your room. But if you want to leave your room there are plenty of options. As the hotel has a giant swimming pool. Huge, lush landscape gardens where you can go for a walk. So enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Families with children are allowed. So you can definitely enjoy a long walk by the beach, getting to know more about the world of Ayurveda and wellness and enjoy your family holiday. Can things get any better than this, honestly?

My advice if you choose this hotel. Go for a villa with private pool. After all there is nothing against choosing a comfortable stay.

Marari Beach Resort

Ah one more of my favorite hotels. Marari Beach is a very nice place for those who are looking to spend some time at one of the most beautiful Golden beaches in Kerala. So I had already stayed her before. This hotel wasn’t new to me.

But what’s not to like about this beautiful resort? I had a nice bungalow with sea view. My time here was quite short. But you can go for a walk with a nature guide. No doubt he will spot the owls before you do. You can explore their butterfly garden.

But of course there is nothing against taking some free time by the swimming pool. Or enjoy a meditation or yoga session, not that early in the morning. The hotel has a very nice seafood restaurants which offers exquisite food. Your taste buds will be pampered here. That’s for sure.


And last but not least I stayed at Purity, one luxury boutique hotel. I really loved everything about this place during my stay. Where to start? So the hotel is very beautifully decorated. In a modern style but with the flavors of Kerala.

The view you get when you stay here on the lake is mesmerizing. In the silence you find the answers. And silence you will find here. Besides one fisherman who was passing by I didn’t notice many people or noise. Only the silence.

The hotel has a very personal and dedicated approach with only 14 rooms, they can. I loved their dining area which is just in the covered open courtyard. It is such a great experience to dine her. As per the dining I could just ask what I wanted to have for dinner. As I love seafood I didn’t have to think long and they chef prepared a special dish, just for me.

The hotel has a beautiful infinity pool and yoga sessions and well-being treatments are available on demand. Staying in such a small hotel always makes me feel like you are at home. The hotel is located in small village which you can go and discover on foot or by cycle.

As you can read I had a lot of amazing experiences during my trip to Kerala. My goal is set for the future. From now one, I see myself going to an Ayurveda retreat once a year.

But how about you. When are you planning your first Ayurveda Retreat?


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