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Since I stayed at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, it is a great way to start my reviews of hotels in one of my favorite cities in the world, Dubai. The hotel is really loved by so many and now I know why. Therefore I am happy to share my experiences with you. I do admit that the hotel was already for a long time on my travel-to-do-list but until my last trip to Dubai I haven’t been able to stay there. Until now that is.

Luxury Resort at the JBR beach

I had already heard from The Ritz-Carlton Dubai so the hotel was already for a long time on my travel-to-do-list. I was happy I got the opportunity to stay here. Because I do a lot of hotel inspections on all my trips. I do think that staying at a hotel gives you a better view of the hotel. You get an idea on the look and feel of the hotel where you are staying. To experience what the ambiance is. And most important you can experience the services offered when staying there.

First of all I really loved the view from my room. I arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon. And just seeing the sun go down from my balcony was awesome. From my room I had a nice view on the swimming pool and the ocean. It is the kind of view a love and you instant get a holiday feeling when staying here.

I do think the view is important. But sometimes you are staying in a very beautiful hotel, but different times of rooms also create different types of experiences.

Enjoy the facilities of the hotel during your stay

Since the Ritz-Carlton Dubai is located at the JBR beach you can go for a long evening walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You have an awesome view on the Blue Water Island with its iconic Ain Dubai. And there is footbridge connecting Blue Water Island to the Dubai Coast. You will enjoy the views from both sides.

On the other side of the hotel you will find the Dubai Marina’s district. A bustling area where you will find lots to do and no time to get bored. While you go for a walk you can stroll around the many boutiques and nice restaurants in the area.

Get pampered at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai

Your stay at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai will be all about getting pampered. The food there is delicious. So, feel free to try all the 6 restaurants the resort has to offer. Your taste buds will just love it. If you are a fan of the afternoon tea then you should certainly take the opportunity to try it at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai.

Allow yourself a moment of relaxation in their spa. Where they offer various types of Oriental and European treatments in one of their 12 treatment rooms. After your treatment you will feel rejuvenated. How cool is that?

While they offer a spa and a gym at the Ritz-Carlton. They also have a hair salon, Pastels. As I had to experience not going to the hairdresser for 7 months during the pandemic. I do agree that having a hairdresser close by is a huge advantage.

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

The hotel is built in Mediterranean style and located in lush gardens with only 294 luxury rooms and suites you don’t ever have the feeling the hotel is too crowded.

For those who are traveling with their children will certainly enjoy spending their free time at one of the 6 outdoor swimming pools. But maybe you prefer to spend your time at the cabana on the hotels private beach.

And if you have a special occasion to celebrate and in need of an exclusive space the hotel offers difference option whether you want it to be in the beautiful garden, one of the tasty restaurants or on the private beach.

My opinion about the Ritz-Carlton Dubai

To me my stay at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai really did meet my expectations. So I have experienced why customers really like this hotel. And why travelers go back to this amazing luxury resort. I look forward to my next stay here.


Subhadra Van Loo
Luxury Travel Designer @ Jasmine Travel & Events

& Luxury Travel Writer @ Jasmine Travel Stories

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