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Back to Kerala. The title says it all. Finally. After I had discovered that my roots in India were connected with Kerala, during my trip at the end of 2019. I wanted to go back as soon as possible to discover more of this beautiful region. But then the pandemic came and all of my travel plans were postponed. Many, many times.

It was only until March 2022 I was able to return to the region I can call my home in India. Needless to say the wait was long. But it was definitely worth the wait. And once I was back. It didn’t even feel like it had been 2 years. I could have been just 2 months. It still felt like home, even after such a long break.

I think that’s the beauty. The place you feel at home, will always feel your home. No matter the time gap there might be between your next visits.

Back to Kerala

My goal has always been to inspire travellers. So I often tell my customers with Indian roots that a holiday to India can’t be compared with any other holiday. Since you will always have a special connection with the country where your roots are to be found.

It’s difficult to explain. But even if I haven’t lived in India for that long, I will always look at these travel experiences to my birth country from a different perspective. No matter where I live, India will always be part of my place called my home.

So during my trip this time I spoke with a lot of people. Had nice meetings and inspiring talks. I could really feel the energy. And I was often amazed. With the new opportunities crossing my path. But it’s also nice to actually see things moving.

Because during the past years I have had quite a lot of ideas but there was not a lot of movement actually. And at the same time it is very frustrating but only thing I could do was keep going. Because at some point movement will be there. So one thing I practiced a lot is patience.

The need to go back to Kerala

I love my family a lot and of course I missed them loads while being away. But then again this time to withdraw from my daily life brought me space. And when we create space we make room for new things, new ideas.

But it also gave me time to reflect on my life. What are the things that I want to change? What direction do I want to go? What else do I want to achieve? And when we are busy in our daily life activities it is sometimes difficult to get our mind to rest. To create space to get new insights.

I will definitely keep on traveling alone, from time to time and with balance. But as I see now again what it brought me, how It helps me grow. I know this is exactly what I need from time to time. I can only recommend it to each and one of you as well. Back to Kerala.

Life changing travel journeys

We all have those moments in our lives. The one you know will bring a shift to your life. The one you know will make a change forever. And that can be in many ways and many areas of your life. But I feel that this is the one moment that will change my career for good.

It was the extra push I needed. To go on with my vision. Not that I had doubts about it. And I didn’t feel the need to change the identity of my company. It was rather a confirmation to keep following my intuition. Take it a step further.

To push my vision forward and take my company to the next level. It feels like an extra encouragement to go ahead with this amazing project. And this was exactly what I needed right now. See the right answers come to us at the right time.

What conscious traveling adds to your life

Traveling is of course not only about the beautiful places you visit or the nice hotels you stay in. It is also about getting in touch with the local culture and experiencing the country you are visiting. I really like the contact with the locals. Speak with them and listen to their life stories. This personal touch adds up to my travel experience as well.

And of course my camera and my mobile phone are filled with many beautiful pictures and videos. But this time I decided to keep off from social media as much as I could. Only thing I did was communicating with my family and being available for customers in case of an emergency.

I felt that in recent years, as I was traveling a lot, the pace was very fast and sometimes I almost forgot to really enjoy the travel experience itself as I was being too busy with posting on social media and so on. Back to Kerala.

Don’t miss fear out on anything

And to be honest sometimes you have this fear of missing out on things. But I learned that we never miss out on anything. When we create space, new things are coming to us. It’s that simple. So when looking back at my trip, I noticed I didn’t miss that much. But I got a lot in return.

And I really enjoyed my travel experience for the 100%. So I really feel that conscious traveling is something we should be more aware of. As the travel experience is over with a blink of an eye. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy every second of it. Just living the current moment and enjoying the current experience.

And now coming back home, it could be easy to fall back into these old habits. But as life is always evolving. I will try to live a life more consciously. This journey has definitely changed me in many ways. It brought new insights and new ideas. But it also gave me the strength to keep going on this amazing journey.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of traveling alone. Back to Kerala



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