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Imagine, you are sitting on a secluded beach, staring at the sunset. You try to listen, but you hear no sound except for the waves of the ocean. While you are just enjoying the endless views over the ocean. Where no eye can notice any distinction between the horizon and the perfect blue waters. And it just strikes you, that this must be paradise? Because if this isn’t paradise, what is then paradise?

 For me personally, the Maldives are really one of the most beautiful destinations I have visited. Recently I received a message from a traveler from the Maldives who sent me that while they have already traveled all over the world, the Maldives really belong to the top destination they ever visited. The perfect destination for a luxury holiday in my opinion.

Due to my personal experience, I can say for sure that the Maldives are really a luxury destination. And that level of luxury, well, you can find it there in different degrees. I also understand that what is luxury for one person is not necessary for another person. So experiences will always be different.

A luxury holiday where service knows no boundaries

Of the various hotels I have already stayed at or I work with, I can say for sure that service knows no boundaries. Many hotels have their guests pampered by a private butler who will pamper you during your stay.

The word “butler” may remind you of a man or woman in a tight suit, but nothing is less true. In paradise, the butler might as well be someone with flip-flops and a summer outfit. He or she, is mainly concerned with the way in which they support you with your stay. With their never ending advice and assistance and a huge smile of course. Some hotels will even ask about your preference when it comes to food or to get to know what type of pillow you like. Spoken about a very personal approach. Which is of course ideal for a luxurious holiday.


Why choose a luxury holiday with all inclusive

I always like to listen to the travelers who contact me, to hear what type of traveler you are. If you like to have a clear budget in advance, it is best to choose an all-inclusive formula.

That way you have a clear picture of the travel sum. Because to be honest, you may not always have a good view on what you will spend on the spot in the Maldives. And let’s agree, nobody wants to be faced with financially unpleasant surprises on their dream vacation. A carefree luxury holiday is what we all want, no?

How far does that service go?

Of course, the hotels really go far in the attention and preparation of your guests. Do you have something special to celebrate? Then we would like to hear that in advance. Would you like to propose to your partner or just have a romantic picnic or candlelight dinner, this is of course possible. And we will take care of your wishes with the necessary attention.

If you are taking your children to the Maldives and want to enjoy a dinner with 2, a babysitter can be arranged. Some hotels even ask what kind of feathers your pillow may be composed of. That’s what hospitality is all about. Creating wow experiences, add a feeling of luxury can come in very different ways.

Are the Maldives really paradise?

Of course this will be the case for some and not for others. For whom are the Maldives a suitable destination? Of course for water lovers. Those who love water sports will certainly enjoy themselves there. No doubt about that.

The options are really extensive and a lot of non-motorized sports are included in the offer. Such as the use of snorkelling equipment. I myself also became acquainted with the wonderful world of snorkelling and it was in one word breath-taking.

Of course, lovers of diving, kayaking and so much more can come here. You can choose to take a boat trip to spot dolphins, swim with mantas during the season or go fishing is also an option. Unique options to take a look at the wonderful water world, as there are plenty. Let yourself be immersed during your luxury holiday.

Sustainability first

There is of course a lot to be said about sustainable travel. Today we can’t ignore it anymore. And although the Maldives obviously present themselves as an exclusive destination, this does not mean that there is no eye for sustainability.

For example, various hotels we work with have their own organic garden on the island. And it is therefore possible to work with organic herbs in the dishes that are served. Fresh and local certainly applies here, despite the fact that many goods are imported of course.

In some hotels you as a guest decide when you eat. This will definitely help avoid wasting food. So it is good that there is attention for it.

Coral Reef Conservation

Of course many destinations experience the breaking down or dying of coral. When we went snorkelling there was a clear focus on not stepping on the coral. Enjoy the underwater world but with care! Logical of course.

If there was no attention for the conservation of the coral in the Maldives, this destination would simply die out, literally. Even in the kids’ club, children can learn at a young age about coral conservation and how to replant coral.

Ideally, they should go back several times to admire the effect of this small step. But who can say no to another luxury holiday in the Maldives? At least I can’t.

A personal address book

Now, the Maldives is clearly a destination where personalized service is key. In any case, I think it is important to maintain personal contact with the hoteliers we work with on a regular basis.

Just because I think this contributes to the experience for our travellers. Always nice when a hotelier sends me “your customers are listed as VIP” regardless of which type of room you have chosen or how long they choose to stay.

So I am proud that I have a personal contact person at these hotels for every hotel on my website. It is not without reason that these are our favorite hotels to work with. Because I strongly believe that together we can provide with an unforgettable holiday for our guests as we have a mutual interest to create unique experiences and happy travel experiences for all of our travellers.

Maldives, an ideal combination destination

The Maldives are a destination which are often combined with other destinations.


From various major cities in India you can opt for a direct flight to paradise. Super handy if you want to take a breath on a paradise beach after your round trip. For me personally, a minimum of 5 nights in the Maldives is recommended. I also always check the flight hours for an optimal and maximum experience and a stay as long as possible on the spot.

Sri Lanka

Barely a stone’s throw away from this beautiful island, you can reach the breath-taking islands of the Maldives by plane. After a short transfer by boat or for those who want to see more images from the air, you can of course opt for a transfer by seaplane. Nevertheless it is Ideal to combine Maldives after an exciting tour through Sri Lanka.

The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are certainly the ideal stop-over location for those traveling to the Maldives. I always recommend traveling to the Emirates first and then proceed to the Maldives. For the United Arab Emirates you can opt for a short city trip of 3 nights. Just enough to have some nice experiences. That can go from a shop till you drop experience but we also have some other unique experiences in our offer.

Budget for a trip to the Maldives

You are probably wondering what kind of budget you should provide for the Maldives? If I may give an honest answer to that? Don’t focus on the budget, if you will get disappointed. Because the Maldives are really the kind of destination where you should go for the experience.

Focus on your dream holiday. Focus on your wishes, what is important to you? The Maldives are the kind of destination that will really pamper you and amaze you. It makes sense that this comes with a budget. I believe that when the experience is awesome you feel that every Euro or Dollar spend was worth it and you will forget about the budget.

The hotels in my offer are really the best of the best, the top of the luxury hotels and even better. Of course there is a price on it and the prices for stays in the Maldives are also influenced by supply and demand. And certainly for the hotels in this category.

But let’s be honest, an excellent and unforgettable holiday is priceless, right?

Subhadra at Ozen Life Maadhoo Maldives

Luxury Travel Designer