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I write blogs to inspire you

A special mission with my blog

Another new blog? Yes, I write blogs to inspire you. Because from the start of my company Jasmine Travel & Events, my mission has been to inspire travelers. And of course to guide you in making beautiful trips.

Traveling has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Because I regularly heard people talk about their negative travel experiences. I decided I wanted to do it a different way. My way.

Destinations where we feel at home

Today, the world is more accessible than ever. People have so many options for travel. How do you choose destinations that you want to include in your offer? Simply by reading one of my blogs.

I like to keep things simple. So it was logical that we started offering destinations where we feel at home. Since I think it’s important to inspire people with my personal travel experiences.

I also think it is necessary to regularly visit the destinations from our offer. Keeping in touch with the hoteliers we work with. But also to test new experiences. For me it is a form of continuing to work on my knowledge and expertise.

Ambassador for life for my birthcountry India

Of course we find the Maldives, the Emirates and Sri Lanka all unique and very nice destinations.

But yes India, that is and will always be my native country. The connection to my roots. In India they call me an ambassador for my native country and I am quite proud of that.

It is the whole of my concept that brings satisfaction. Of course I like traveling very much. But I also really like it when travelers bring me their travel story. 

Inspiring travelers makes me happy

When I get to hear how they enjoyed it and that their trip tastes like even more. Our idea is not to just organize trips and then never guide you again. No, we just want to make you want to travel with us even more.

I’ve been writing for a long time. It used to be just for myself. But now I like to write a blog and be able to inspire you with it.

People sometimes ask me how they can prepare for their trip. Then be sure to read my blog.

My blog consists of different themes

That’s why I choose to blog about different themes because I like variety. Fortunately, all our destinations offer a lot to tell about. So plenty of choice.

Now I don’t see myself as a traditional blogger. I also don’t feel the need to write weekly. Not only would I lack the necessary time, but also inspiration.

Moreover, as in everything I do, quality is more important than quantity. So I hope you come back here every now and then to read a blog from my.

Enjoy reading !


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