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My Travel Journey to Bali

Seven Secrets by Hanging Gardens Lombok

My Travel Journey to Bali Time of Travel: March 2024 Rainy season, but I enjoyed a lot of nice weather and had hardly any rain. Travel journey to Bali & Lombok My travel journey to Bali It has been a while now that we have been working with Indonesia as a destination, especially with a […]

Travel makes me speechless

Subhadra in Kerala

Travel Makes me Speechless Travel makes me speechless, it already happened a few decades ago, why you are thinking? I don’t know if it has something to do with me being adopted, but I always felt a huge need and willingness to travel from a young age. Of course I realized at a very early […]

Dubai, city of dreams

Atlantis The Royal Dubai

I can only say that it was a happy reunion. It took a little longer than I had planned to return to Dubai. But I was very happy that I could go back again to spend a bit of time in this vibrant city. And as always, my stay did not disappoint me. I think […]

My roots journey to India, the end of a search journey

Kerala, my home

“The connection with our roots will always stay, even if we are miles away” I know there are thousands of adoptees who are out there. Looking for a part of their identity. Looking for answers. Looking for family. Looking for information. From my personally experience I understand that this search journey can be very emotional. […]

Christmas at The Peninsula Paris

Previous Next Christmas at the Peninsula Paris See, I can understand how you think about Paris as a romantic city. And during the Christmas time, when the streets are illuminated the atmosphere is even more inspiring. The French are well known for their famous patisserie and delicious Michelin star quality restaurants. But also strolling along […]

Ayurveda hotels in Kerala

. Previous slide Next slide Ayurveda hotels in Kerala So with my name “Subhadra” meaning “source of well-being” I was already thinking for some time to introduce a few well-being concepts to our offer. But to be honest I had already heard a lot about Ayurveda and read some articles about Ayurveda. But until now […]

Back to Kerala

Previous Next Back to Kerala. The title says it all. Finally. After I had discovered that my roots in India were connected with Kerala, during my trip at the end of 2019. I wanted to go back as soon as possible to discover more of this beautiful region. But then the pandemic came and all […]

The excitement of travelling

Previous slide Next slide The excitement of traveling As the first rays of sun, shining through my  window and reflecting on my laptops screen. I could no longer deny it. The  first feelings of spring have arrived. And it makes me wonder and think about  all those new travel plans I have in my head. […]

Follow your intuition

Previous Next Follow your intuition. This might sound weird. But I am an entrepreneur 100% pure sang. And always felt like as an entrepreneur you have this business mindset. Thinking logically and taking strong decisions based on facts not on emotions. Well, I was wrong about that. Because some of my business decisions were very […]

Expo 2020 Dubai

Previous Next Visit to the Expo 2020 Dubai with a city trip Finally, my city trip to Dubai with a visit to the Expo 2020 Dubai was finally on my agenda. And so I was sitting on a plane to Dubai last week and this for the 3rd time in just 9 months. Given that […]